Beginner Blueprint questions

Hello folks, I am a beginner to blueprints, and I was hoping someone could verify that my vague understanding of them is on the right path.

I am constructing (or trying to) a blueprint to open a door. This door is composed of 3 different meshes that came from separate FBX files, and need to animate independently (imagine a vault wheel spinning, and then the main door sliding open). I will need to place many instances of this door throughout the level.

Here are my questions:

  1. If I am planning on having several instances of this door blueprint in my level, is my understanding that I should make an actor blueprint and not a level blueprint correct?

  2. I have been having trouble applying animation transforms to my imported mesh objects- It keeps telling me that static mesh objects are not the right type of object to be applied to the blueprint functions I have chosen. All of the tutorials I have followed thus far have only applied animation to boxes, and other objects created directly in UE4, so what step is necessary to make a static mesh object animate-able?

  3. (Edit: forgot about this question) Some tutorials on door blueprints I followed used Matinee, other’s relied on using a timeline function. From my novice attempts at using matinee, it appeared to only work in level blueprints. Is this correct? If not, is matinee a good way to approach the door system I described?

Thanks for your time =)


  1. Yes, do a Class Blueprint to reuse it

  2. What function are you exactly talking about, could you provide a link to the tutorial and maybe your Blueprint as well.

  3. Yes, Matinee work only in Level Blueprints directly, So Timeline is the way to go. This might seem a bit tedious but Epic is working on another solution called Sequencer.

If you could provide more insight of your BP and which Tutorials your talking of, I can help you a bit. Are you sure that in the Tutorial they weren’t Skeletal Meshes?


No problem anytime.

I just scanned through the Wiki and that will be a great starting point and gives a good learning experience. If you still have some difficulties let us (Answerhub) know :).

Thanks! Unfortunately I can’t provide a link to a tutorial, because all of the tutorials I’ve found so far have been for level blueprints, and/or aren’t attached to imported mesh objects but rather basic cube objects made in UE4. I’m trying to apply the same principles the tutorials teach, but inevitably I’ll run into a function that seems absent from actor blueprints, so I’ll try to guess what function fulfills the same role. That’s where I run into problems.

Last night I found this tutorial which might teach me the correct process, but I haven’t started it yet. That is tonight’s homework =)

Thank you for your response though, knowing that I should not use level blueprints or matinee for this purpose is helpful.