BEGINNER: Best place to take course(s) to learn UE4?

Hello forum,

I have already gone to College and University and have a full-time job. I think I would like to learn how to create FPS maps using UE4 as a hobby. What do you consider the best way for a beginner to learn UE4?

Are there any online college or university courses for UE4?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


I can only point you in the direction of Udemy, they provide some great entry level courses. Especially check out the ones by Ben Tristem.

I can vouch for that course. It starts up nice and easy with C++ basics and then progresses into UE4 and introduces new concepts of both the engine and the C++ language when suitable.

Thank you fellows, I was worried no one would respond :slight_smile: A community college should base a full year program in UE4 and the support software like Adobe, etc. What do you think?

Do you feel the UE4 tutorial program is adequate or the same as Udemy?



Between Udemy courses and Pluralsight (get 3 months free) ones, plus ALL the FREE YouTube videos and Documentation available to you on top of just messing around yourself in the engine until you are comfortable…pretty sure you can plenty of resources available to you.

ProTip: Use Google… UE4 + whatever the heck you want to learn.


I agree on Ben Tristem’s course being a great way to start. But if you have the time to attend a one year program, by all means do! It could help you keep o track with the learning and if you want you can study on your own in parallel.