Beginner basic question (spot lights)

Hello all,

I’m just starting to learn UE4 and there is something that is intriguing me, I place my spot lights like in other software but in UE they seem to face the camera and the light is pointing to the opposite side, I’m sure I’m doing something wrong but can someone explain this please? The Light arrow is pointing to were the light is going, but me as the user, I see the whyte circle facing the other arrow… Thank you.

Those are sprites that indicate both the location and the type of object, and they should always face the camera.

Right so sprites face the camera always, but is there a way to see some arrow or something to were the light is pointing?

There should be an arrow. I don’t understand why yours don’t have it.


Could it be because I added the lights as part of my actor? I was following a video tutorial and the instructor did the same. It’s curious because if I apply a spot light in my level then I see the arrow pointing the direction but not inside my actor. Learning new software alone is always HARD :slight_smile: Just have to keep going.