Beginers guide to android development

i have made a level and was trying to package it for android the editor said that i needed to instal the sdk i have downloaded the sdk but the editor doesn’t recognize it what should i do i downloaded adt from google

why doesnt any one answer i am stuck real bad :(((

Hi! For package project for Android you need Android SDK and VS 2013. In Android SDK, you need start SDK Manager, and add SDK platform your android device.

Here you find beginers guide.

If something does not work, let us know. And specify what errors appear in Output Log window.

When I run sdk manager a cinsole application pops up and then disapears I dont have access to nvidia applications for certain purposes so androids adt is my only hope so please try to be more exact I have downloaded the sdk but I dont know what to do with it I have vs 2013 installed thanx

Ih and I dont have any errors yet because unreal tells me I dont have android sdk installed

Hi. I am sorry i mean you need install Tegra Android Developer Pack. Android SDK not enough. In previous message I post link to documentation, and you can read how to find TADP installator inside UE4. And step by step instruction for installation.

Ok so at the time i couldnt instal tadp but now i have installed it and according to the document there shouldnt be any more problems but after the installation when i open ue4editor.sln there is no android in the target platforms what do i have to do? I have checked the enviroment variables and they were as should be so what is the problem? I tried to add a target platform named android but visual studio would crash

I am realy shocked I have had two big problems for about a month now and none of them seem to be getting solved please any body out there!?!?!