Begineer bp help

Hei gays~i want to use bp to change staticmesh, i have 4static mesh, like a sphere , a cube,a chair,a tube, then i want to use mouse click to change the mesh .

Can you give somes tips or the easy way to do that? Thanks :slight_smile:

You mean for an actor, yes? You can create a Static Mesh variable and then use the “Set Static Mesh” node. Here are the steps:

  1. Make sure your blueprint has a Static Mesh Component and a Static Mesh variable.
  2. Use the “Set Static Mesh” node this way. If you use it in the construction script, you can quickly change your mesh in the editor. If you want it in game, set it up in the event graph.


thanks IMC.Wander quick reply,You giving me the correct way , I will try this~ Cheers:)

Np :slight_smile: just remember (if you use it in the construction script) to make your Static Mesh Variable editable.