Begin Play Event of HUD-Blueprint not called

Hello there,

I made my own subclass-Blueprint of the standard HUD-Class and tried to fire a simple print with the help of the BeginPlay-Event. For some reason this doesn’t work. I never had this problem before. Do you know what could be causing this?
Thanks in advance.

Hey. Yes, I specified the HUD class in the game mode. The same print node fires in the Construction Script of that HUD class but the BeginPlay Event doesn’t work.

How about a delay after the begin play? ( grasping at straws… )

Ok, Delay didn’t work. Maybe I should have mentioned that I did test it in Multiplayer in “Play as client” mode
But I did find out that it I play “As a listen Server” it works on the server player as well as all the clients which confuses me even more. I thought the HUD was purely a client thing.

Did you specify your HUD in a new game mode, and make that game mode the default for the level or project?

No problem. Thanks for your help.

Ah, multiplayer, I have to bail then. Not my specialty, I’m afraid…