Begin overlap wont work on physics enabled actor untill actor move

I have an actor with physics enabled

i have a sphere around the actor that detect an overlap with the playerpawn

the begin overlap with the sphere never fire untill my pawn push the physical actor

but if the physical actor is pushed, the overlap event fire, but the end overlap fire immediatly after, and then it loop begin/end overlap…

if i disable the physics on the actor then the begin and end overlap work fine.

is that normal behavior due to physics enabled ?

Hi skeleton60,

I attempted to reproduce this in 4.9.2 but I couldn’t get your results. Overlap events with a sphere collision that is attached to a physics actor fire correctly for me.

Try reproducing this in a new clean project (I used the 3rd Person Template) and see if you get he same results. If you do, upload that project here.

i reproduced the bug with the 3rd person template but i didnt send it yet because i found another bug trying to reproducing the one in this subjetc :o)

i will try to reproduce this one bug and send it to you and maybe open a new case for the other one ><

here is the project with the bug i explained here, and another one i found doing this project:

You have 2 box in the level. one has gravity enabled and the second one has no gravity.

The box with gravity does the bug i said in this subject, if you enter with your pawn inside the sphere collision you will see that begin overlap and end overlap keep repeting if you move inside the sphere, and if u stop move it always stop on the end overlap.

and the new bug (if its a bug?) i found doing this project, is that the second box without gravity is pushed when the pawn enter in the sphere collision (is that normal? its look like we can push it with dark vador force :o)

now, i have a fix, to fix the bug we can disable “Auto weld” on the sphere collision

now all seem to work fine but its not on the cube without gravity

if you push the box without gravity and you stay inside the sphere collision, the end overlap and begin overlap may occur and loop if you follow the box with your pawn

I use an actor with a collision capsule set to physics actor. It only triggers after moving the actor, when overlapping with a detection sphere.

Hi skeleton60,

Thank you for creating the test project. After testing and some research, I realized that both of these bugs have been reported.

The original bug is logged as JIRA UE-17121 and our developers are still investigating it. I will update the report to show that you all are having this issue as well.

The second bug, where the player pushes the overlap sphere away, was JIRA UE-21559. It was fixed in our 4.10 build and you should see it working properly in the full 4.10 release.