Begin overlap don't trigger for spawned actors

I’m having a little issue with spawn BP_actors that have a box collision in them.

I have a BP actor in the level. When I’m in range (overlapping “Range” box collision) i can do some stuff with it.
Also I have exactly same second BP actor with same setup (mesh+collision box etc)

When I’m in range of BP_A and I press E or something then this actor is destroyed and in exactly same place BP_B actor is spawned. So automatically I’m in range of that BP_B actor. But for some reason On Component Begin Overlap (Range) don’t trigger for that spawned actor. In debug I can see that Event Looking at Object (just a BP interface from player character and line trace hit) is triggering, Only when I move my character then End Overlap triggers and when I step forward Begin Overlap triggers as it should.

But right after the spawn they are both not active. Any ideas why?

I have a similar problem almost every actor in my game is spawned in and if its spawned inside of the begins overlap radius the OCBO doesn’t fire. Try using the node “is overlapping actor/component” on begin play. For example when i kill an enemy and they drop loot i have a radius that alows me to pick it up, but if it spawns inside of that radius OCBO wont fire because it never “began” overlapping so along with keeping the OCBO ill add something to the begin play event like. On event begin play is the pick up radius overlapping the player then set the boolean “IsInRange” to on! i hope that helps