Begin Overlap (Box): several signals at once

Hi guys,

I made a simple Object and a collision box, which is a bit bigger than the Object.
When I hit the collision Box wiht my first person sample, it should give me a resolve, which I can see on the screen.
It works to fine, but every time I hit the colission Box with my caracter, there came two or more Outputs at once.
Can some one help me ? It would be great :slight_smile:

I where doing the following tutorial:

Check the collision settings of your box, and what components your player character has (as well as their collision settings).

The box detects overlaps at the component level, not the actor level (hence the “Other Comp” output), so it does not treat your player character as one big actor, it actually treats it as a bunch of components.

Your player character probably has more than one component that responds to your trigger box’s collision settings. For example, if your trigger box is set to Overlap All, it will detect both the character’s skeletal mesh and the character capsule, so that’s probably what is causing the double overlap. Set your trigger box collision settings to Overlap Pawn and it should solve the issue (since your capsule uses Pawn collision, and the skeletal mesh uses Character Mesh collision so it will be ignored by the box).

Yeah I have more than one components on my actor… i set the collision preset of the box to “ignore only pawn” And it worked completely fine!
Thank you, it was such a great help for a beginner!