Begin overlap and hit event not triggering...

Hey guys,

To learn unreal a bit better, I decided to make a character controller from scratch, and have hit a pretty big snag. Right now I can’t even get the begin overlap or the hit event to run. All I’m doing is trying to display a string, and it’s not even doing that. T_T what am I doing wrong? I can jump though, so … I guess I have that going for me, but still. Annoying. T_T (Sorry I’m so noobish right now, but you have to start somewhere eh?)


EDIT: I should note that the player object has hit the ground and is sitting on it. Gravity was applied to it.

What are your collision settings on the actors’ component?

I’ve tried several, but the only one that didn’t seem to go through things was “PhysicsActor”. Everything else I tried, just went through the ground.

I think the Event Actor Overlap doesn’t work because it is supposed to work with certain types of… things.

The Event Hit I think doesn’t work because the blueprint looks like it comes from the Pawn Class rather than the Character Class.

To fix that just make a new BP with the Character Class as the base then copy/paste over everything.

The character class comes with a LOT of functionality and you should be using that any way.

If you are already using the Character Class as a base then sorry The Scene Outliner makes it look like a pawn.