[Begginner Question] Need help with a task..

Did you run the check loop above?



You understand your Set and remove are not plugged in?


I didn’t check it because its my first time using UE4 and im really near the end of my task :frowning: but i will test it for sure when ill be finished!

yea my set and remove are not plugged in but i dont think it’ll do what i want for now

As before, put all spawned points in an array. When you run you spawn loop, check if the spawn point is taken via the spawned array, if not spawn it there.


My spawnpoint are already in an array (UrbasTableau) and i doesnt really understand the rest ;s

You need to run a loop.

Have you used loops before?


unfortunatly i havent no :’(


A loop will run and generate a number each loop.

that number then gets then position number out of an array.

so array of numbers look like this.


If I was in the third run (2) of the loop, it would get 5 in this case. Remember, loops start at 0

In your case it will get a vector.

So you can get 2 random numbers out of the same array and compare if they are the same or not

ok so i need to link my remove node to a loop? or well i think the loop should remove 1 spawnpoint? the one who was used?

I never asked, are the original balls going to be removed by time or a pickup?

pickup, but for now i just need to spawn a ball on eacth spawnpoint, for my test i put 5 spawnpoint and every 2 second a ball appear, but sometime a ball spawn at the same place thats why sometime it can take more than 2 seconds and I need to fix that in my function i showed before ^^

In the blueprint, make a INT called Array number.

When you pick up the Ball, just before destroying it, cast to character and remove from array.

Like this.

Thought I had it, need to look at different solution.

See what I can do


Thank you :slight_smile: i did it (kind of… its buggy a bit but its fine for my task) very much, now… (yea im sorry…) is to when i click like E to a ball it will ‘fly’ attached to the character (like hes holding it but withouth the animation yet. do you think its gonna be hard?

Hey man I’m sorry I couldn’t help. I ended up being very busy this weekend :(, but I’m glad to hear you got it working! Don’t worry that it’s buggy. That kind of thing happens. As long as is it’s good enough for what you needed it for, then that’s okay. Now you can try to fix the bugs without the stress of having to do it for class. Just try to fix them for fun and to learn more :slight_smile:

hey its fine :slight_smile: thanks for the help :slight_smile: but just wondering, do you know if its hard or how i can like just press the button F near a ball to make it fly near me? like the character is holding it but withouth the animation? I kinda need to do that haha