Begginer, where to start...

Hello everyone !

I am a complete begginer with the engine. I installed it quite a long time ago (when it became free) but never took the time to play around with it and learn it.
I am not looking to make games (yet), but mostly using it as an art tool to create scenes with it (I have been especialy inspired by the work of EvilMrFrank, even if I know I most likely wont reach his level of design anytime soon lol). However there is so much ressources around and so much guides I am really lost on where should I start: what must I learn first (I was thinking landscaping maybe), what do I need to avoid, etc…

If anyone has any advice, any guide to recommend or anything, I’ll gladly take it :slight_smile:


First of all learn the basics – especially so that you know where the most important windows and properties are (e.g where the landscape editor is,…) :slight_smile:
After that I would recommend you to take a look at some demo levels so that you know how what kind of features they use (e.g how the lights are placed, how they used the different meshes,…)
Now take a look at the specific parts of the level creation → learn more about lights, materials, post process,…