Begginer Question - Blueprints and C++


I am a beginner learning in the UE and, after making some tutorials and reading, to do my test project i’m in doubt about the creation of a C++ project or BP from the start.

I have done basic designs of test and now i want to start a real project with my concept.

My concern is if in the future i find something i need to adjust in the engine’s source code the path chosen at the beginning can make it more difficult or laborious.

Any advice on that ? Or this doesn’t matter anyway ?

Thank you.

It really doesn’t matter unless you’re talking about editing the actual source code of the engine (For example wanting to swap physics engines or something).

If the latter is true - you should compile from the source code and derive from there.

Make a C++ project, then you can still use blueprints and use C++ too if you want, they both are available in a c++ project.

If you make a Blueprint project, then the C++ is hidden and you can only make blueprints, so it will be annoying if you want to try c++ after.

Another thing you can try doing is making a Blueprint project and then adding a Blueprint Function Library, which is a collection of functions you can make in C++ to be called in Blueprints. I’m doing things this way because I’m not quite ready to leave the comfort zone of Blueprints yet, but I want to experiment with C++ coding in UE4. Between these two methods, there’s a nice amount of flexibility to do things the way that you want.