Before starting: 2 questions about physics and terrain

Hello everybody,

we are a small development team based in Germany planning to develop a building demolition simulator. It will outstand previously know simulators with multiplayer, advanced physics and exciting gameplay features.
Before choosing an engine, I want to make sure that two key features are possible to realize for us.

  • I want to convert destructible chunks (debris) that have fallen to the earth into dynamic terrain, saved as vertex coordinates or heightmap. So I want to delete the chunk and display a textured terrain “hill” instead to reduce CPU load.

  • Can you turn off physics calculation for “unused” destructibles? I want to group them with a larger bounding box that has physics. As soon as this bounding box is hit, all “child” objects should become active.

I hope you can give us some information if this is possible with the engine, as we do not have experience with this engine yet and want to make sure we get the best possible base for development.

Thanks and kind regards!


I haven’t played much with destructible meshes, however when playing around I did find a feature to turn chunks from dynamic actors into kinematic ones (once they have settled). It also allows them to return to dynamic actors if enough force is applied.