Before I get the UE4 subscription, I want to know


Before I get the UE4 subscription, I want to know about the workflow for developing games for iPhone and iPad from a PC. I know there’s a lot of info on that already, but I felt my situation was a little different.

I own a Macbook Pro that is a little outdated for the Unreal Engine 4 system specifications. However, I have a PC where I will be using UE4 Editor to build my game / apps on. Therefore, I only want to use the Macbook for building the projects in Xcode to submit to Apple.

My question for you is, do I still need UE4 installed on the Mac in order to build the projects in Xcode? I don’t know what you do after you make your game / app from the PC. When you’re done with a game / map from your PC UE4 Editor - what do you get? Some sort of executable? Then you take that to your Mac and compile in Xcode… and you get some type of .proj file?


  1. If you are making “content only” project ( using blueprint for all your game logic ), then you can do all your development on PC, and only use Mac for uploading to app store

  2. If you are making “with-code” project ( using c++ for engine modification or game logic ), then you can write your code on PC, and build the code through UnrealRemoteTool on Mac (it will upload your code to Mac, and auto generate xcode project to be build on Mac), when build finished on Mac, an executable will be download back to your PC and be packaged to ipa

You don’t have to install whole UE4 on your Mac if you plan to do most all your development on PC, but if you are making “with-code” project, then you should have at least UnrealRemoteTool running on Mac which act as a build server

Just FYI, we are transitioning away from UnrealRemoteTool to ssh and rsync (various reasons).

Doesn’t change anything, really.

Nate is correct, tho, no need to install UE4 on the Mac.