Been hard at work but need UV help please

I’m having a NIGHTMARE uv mapping…Im making very advanced modeling but I cant uv even a simple Log…Ever tut I see never gives a step by step and never shows how to save and export once done…BUT the more complex my model the harder it gets Uggg any help or advice?

Taking the wagon as an example, the first thing that I recognize is that there are a lot of pieces of geometry that are repeating. That’s a really good thing! With repeating geometry you can just unwrap and texture one of them and each instance will receive the UV and texture data.

Apart from that these should be pretty easy to UV unwrap, but if you’re having problems, the tool I use is called 3dCoat. It’s very easy to use in my opinion for creating manual, intelligently made UV maps(it also does auto unwrapping,but I wouldn’t suggest going that route for game texturing).

3d coat is easyer then maya? C4d has awful uving and so I tried maya and its HARDER… :frowning: this sucks lol…do you know any classes or videos on that?

Digital tutors would help with the Maya uv

ok Ill go check them out :slight_smile: thanks

UV Mapping is just a pain in the butt. It’s like masking in video. Sometimes you gotta just dig in and do it one piece at a time.

When uving just crank the tunes and do it. Its mind numbingly boring.

LOL Thanks guys…:stuck_out_tongue: I been cutting and cutting LOL I’ll figure it out sometime…UV mapping chars are easy but these mulit part objects got me going nuts :stuck_out_tongue:


If you give me the model of the wagon, I would make a tutorial video that shows unwrapping.
It shouldnt be too complicated. (I expect less than 15 minutes for the whole thing)


I don’t know about you guys, But I kinda enjoy just pumping up the jams and zoning out UVing for a while hahaha.