Bed mod help

Hi there everyone.

I’m trying to put together a mod which prevents inventory loss when bedjumping (among other things) but I can’t quite find the exact setting to do so.

Does anyone have an idea where this could be? I’ve wasted 2 hours browsing the DK only to turn up empty handed :C


Can’t look at it until my work day is done in about 10 hours. Hopefully someone can help in the mean time. There certainly should be some sort of component attatched to it. On the other hand it could be hard coded somewhere we don’t have access. Of course, I should stop making assumptions until I actually look at it.

The bed causes a respawn of the player at a bed location so that is why it has the drop loot system. You could either keep the current beds but have a script on that bed teleport their dropped items, or you could make a new bed that teleports the player instead of the traditional system.

My idea was a new bed altogether considering in-game the thatch bed is clearly not high-tier anyway.

I will try the scripting idea, I can see issues with teleporting the goods to the destination though.

I believe is correct. I checked on that last night and couldn’t find any references for it. Then again I was tired, may need to do some more digging.

Sure is!

The forced respawn is script sided anyway from the looks so to adjust this, subclassed scripting needs to be put in place accordingly.
Working on this now. It’s good everything UE4 related is translatable so virtually any tutorial will help.