Become a 3d artist for ue. How?

Hi everyone , I’m making a game and I am in charge of programming but I also want to learn everything related to modeling import of unreal engine. I already know the basics of modeling and use blender.
I usually work in this way :

-Model Object and create uv map of blender
-import Of ureal engine that object
-I put the materials (downloaded from the market) on the object that amount.

But now I feel very limited by anything but I need a guide. I would like to understand what the state of the art with regard to the modeling / texture unreal engine , of course, at a limited cost .
I would like to learn Maya 3d , shaders etc. do. Substance painter you recommended for textures ? Quixel ?Maya? Zbrush?

So , what ’ is the best processing for a 3d model and there are video tutorials / books on which to learn ?For example:

Model-> Maya: tutorial …
shader-> etc


ps:The game I 'm making is a scifi in the space . There are spaceships , planets , stars , stellar environments etc.