Because I get this error when I try to mount a dino, help !!!

Hello I did the biggest jerboa and I put it to be able to mount, but at the moment of riding this appears to me this:



Are you resizing the Mesh & Collision capsule inside of the char_bp_c? If so, that could be the cause of this issue. You’ll need to resize the skeletal mesh and reference it in your char_bp_c and leave the other settings at default inside of the char_bp_c file.

would you like me to make a tut on how to fix that

Ark Dev Kit Series E15 How To Make A Non-Rideable Dino Rideable

In This Episode I respond to a unreal forum issue a user was having in dev kit. I show how to properly re-rig a non rideable dino with animations and attacks.

I Use a jerboa like he was using.