Beautiful map, bugged audio cues.. Help!

Hey everyone! So I’ve been quite busy for about a month and haven’t been able to do much to my WIP multiplayer maps for my game… I had some free time yesterday and today, so I decided to try and fix all my errors/bugs to present my creation to the public. I ran into a problem that I have no idea how to fix… My audio cues are bugged. They worked perfectly fine about a month ago, then suddenly, I came back to this ****… Any help would be much appreciated!

Hej nice level, and i noticed this too, probably a spatialization issue, the initial range likely needs to be larger. If you just place a sound in the level it is like that.

Yep, it was definitely a spatialization issue. I can finally record a good public preview! I appreciate the immediate help! You’re a life saver :slight_smile:

Here is the video I just uploaded of the map if you’re interested: