Hey everyone,
I just finished an interior scene of a jam room / recording studio. I call it BeatSpot.
This room and the drumkit are fantasies for the drummer in me.

Be sure to watch the video presentation in 1080p 60fps.BeatSpot - YouTube
It was absolutely a blast assembling the scene in UE4, making materials and lighting it.
UE4 literally blows my mind how powerful and robust it is.
Beloved developers, this scene is a thank you for your efforts in creating this wonderful game engine.

I request you all to share your opinions and give me feedback on my artwork.

Really nice job with materials and textures! You shouldnt let it just sit there though. Turn it into an interactive digital drum kit with Blueprints. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. Blueprints? I’ll need assistance with that, Jacky. Please share my work with your colleagues and friends.

Very nice details. Any chance of a playable demo?

Hi Nudlegaru, I can surely do that but it’s a static level as of now. No interactivity has been built (except dynamic materials) because I have no experience with blueprints.
Is that ok with you?

No problem my friend. It is always great to play in such amazing details. Very Nice start.
You can post the current level to try it out. You can add interactivity later. :slight_smile: