Beat'em All - Game Project

Hello everyone. I’ve been working with UE4 since it’s public release (and before that, I’ve worked on UDK also since it’s release, at the end of 2009).
I started recently a simple game project in November and I’ve just sent the concept in Steam platform.
It has almost no visuals and some placeholders, but its core is pretty much functional. (Yeah, at the moment I’m wasting UE4 graphics potential for now. But is that all that matters in the engine?)

[FONT=Arial Black]The Game :slight_smile:
In short, **Beat’em All **is a multiplayer game focused in a fast paced gameplay. Your objective is to be the last survivor by throwing your opponents out of the moving arena.


[FONT=Arial Black]Features

  • Up to 8 Players
  • Crazy Power-Ups!
  • Customize your Attacks!
  • For casual or competitive players!
  • Earn coins by playing matches!
  • Spend the coins in the shop!
  • Customize your character!

Video 3 - Full Game Match + w/ New Weapons[Updated jan/13/2016]

Video 2 - Full Game Match[Updated jan/05/2016]

Video 1 [First video, 2x speed]

IndieDB Page

**Steam Greenlight Concept Area **

[FONT=Arial Black]DOWNLOAD AREA - v1.1a Dropbox
[FONT=Arial Black]Beat’em All v1.1a - Dropbox Download](

Currently, you can play the game via steam FOR TEST PURPOSES using the ID for steamwork developers, just download the game, log yourself on steam and hit the play.


Feedbacks and suggestions are all welcome and needed. Please, help me gather interest from the community.
Thank you for your patience.

Updated! (apr/04)

It looks fun that’s for sure. Good luck with the project.

Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. ^^

I just updated w/ a better video and more info.

Please, I want to hear you guys.

Hello again, just posted another update featuring some improvements along w/ a 3rd game footage.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong or if the game is not that interesting, but I’d like to have some feedback from the community.
In any way, I’ll keep posting more as the game improves.

Thank you for reading.

Pre-Alpha Download AVAILABLE!

Hello everyone. After a long time, I decided to release a very early version of the game to public. There’s a LOT of issues and tons of placeholders in the game (like songs and models) but I felt the need of some direct feedback about the game itself. Come here and play!

[FONT=Arial Black]Beat’em All v1.0a - Indie DB Download](

Hi again, I just released a quick update w/ some major features, like a simple chat system, more items on the shop and minor fixes.

[FONT=Arial Black]Beat’em All v1.1a - via Dropbox](Dropbox - - Simplify your life)

I feel kinda frustrated for not having any sort of response. It’s kinda sad too. Anyway, I’ll keep posting for as long as I can.

Thanks for reading.