Bears In Space! A Retro-Futuristic Adventure Shooter

G’day everyone!

We were lucky enough to participate in Realms Deep 2022 and with that comes a new trailer!

Our team here at Broadside Games has been hard at work over the past year developing our fast-paced action FPS - Bears In Space. Set in a retro-futuristic universe where robots rule the galaxy, you will blast, dash and judo chop your way through hordes of chaotic robots inspired by 50’s pulp science fiction.

There will be plenty of lightning quick, bullet hell action, hidden areas and goofy gags to find in every level. Combining our key influences of TimeSplitters, Jazzpunk and Doom we aim to deliver a unique and hectic FPS/Adventure experience.

So far the game has been 100% built using Unreal Engine 4’s blueprint scripting system, which has allowed us to streamline development of the game, spending less time coding and more time creating content.

You may be wondering, “Where are the Bears, though?” If you’ve ever seen the classic science fiction film, “The Fly”, or have played the Sega game, “Altered Beast”, then you may be able to figure it out.

We have a Facebook page and twitter where we post regular screenshots and goodies too!

Thanks for looking!


I am gonna love this one… :smiley:

If you love blowing hordes of robots to bits then you most certainly will

Very cool aesthetic :slight_smile:

Video gives me Quake 3 vibes - not a bad thing! Looks really cool.

This looks ■■■■ fun. Really nice art style and details. Dig it.

Very up my alley!

We’ve been working hard to add all sorts of goofy encounters to Bears In Space. Here’s a sneak peek!

Thumbs up! :slight_smile: (yes, i am the same old guy from Discord :smiley: )

Thanks dude! I was the one talking to you yesterday! Need to post your game up :wink:

Work continues on one of the trickiest enemies so far - our first boss battle. Animating and coding this one has been tough!

We’ve got a batch of fresh new screenshots!

A group of chargers eye off our hero!

Robots need a smoko break too…

Escape a crashing ship in style with this luxurious escape pod

Just a quick update, we had an Indie Dev night recently, cut together a bit of an action montage from the night.

The UI and Particles are all place holder, will be getting around to replacing them asap.

Hey, I loved the particle effects and general gunplay. Congratulations, hope to see more updates soon!

Thanks! Glad you’re digging it!

We’ve got some really cool things just around the corner that we’re really excited to show off. So keep checking back :slight_smile:

Time for a bit of an update! We’ve redone our small teaser on Bears, the idea is to showcase the art style and action. We will upload an adventure and story cut later on.

Always keen for feedback and thoughts!

We’ve added another deadly bot to the roster, this one loads up rockets and fires from it’s chest cannon!

Hey everyone! First update on here for the new year. We have been powering through Christmas and the New Years holidays bringing even more crazy things to Bears In Space. Today we’re revealing a new weapon. Every game needs a rocket launcher, and now we have one too. Designed with colours that resemble a kids toy, it’s a beast of a weapon which packs a punch. The model took about two days to sculpt and texture, then it took about half a day to rig, animate and get it in game.

G’day everyone, we are wrapping up our fortnightly sprint and have some new exciting things to show off. Let’s get stuck in!

Fleshing out and expanding our combat was the main focus for this sprint. As you may have seen last update, we have now added in our version of a “Rocket Launcher”. Although ours fires Gamma Orbs, it still fills that vital position of giblet deliverer.

And now lets see it in action!

“But wait, what about Quad damage?” I hear you type furiously…

Be sure to check it out on YouTube as our Sound Designer has been hard at work bringing punch to the gun.

We’ve also continued to further our arsenal in new and creative ways. Introducing our Rust gun. Finding the enemy moves with too much swiftness? Well you’re now in luck! Blast them with an unrelenting stream of salt water, rusting up their joints and slowing them down! It can also be used in game with environmental puzzles, more on that in further updates!

We even have it coded and in game, with only a few more gamma bugs to squash.

Also in the prototype stage is our new Magno-tronic (Still working on a name) tool.

Just when you thought stairs were safe… introducing our new enemy! The Gamma Slapper!!!

All our other bots so far have been easily defeated by a sharp 90 degree menace, known as stairs.

But not this bot! This is our first bot to not have to rely on wheels to get around, the first of its kind with new Nuclear Powered Gamma legs. This big bot’s main goal is to keep pressure up on the player. Using his large gamma lightning tentacles, this bot can deal damage from range and can quickly close the distance to the player with a furious leaping attack that sends out a shock wave of gamma lightning.Our next sprint will focus on animating him and tightening up his gameplay loop.

Wrapping up this update, we take a quick gamma-gander over at our concept art. We’ve been exploring the world of Bears In Space and looking at how structures are built, defining a style with a keen focus on a modular approach, being able to build out variations quickly is extremely important for our small team size.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for when we complete our next sprint, which will mostly aim to fix and polish some gameplay elements in need of some care.

I think DukesD-style punchlines in robot voice is needed