Bearable Nights

Project Title:
Bearable Nights

Based on a book I have started you play a Teddybear with special powers and tasks.

  • Third-Person game
  • Sneaking
  • Jump and run
  • Fighting
  • Deep story
  • Endless wave multiplayer mode

Team Structure**:**
Christian Röder (Project Creator)
Programming for 1 year now, not c++, but very enthusiastic and a quick learner.
Will never be a 3D artist or something, more of a programmer.
Is a musician and voice actor, so can cover these parts easily.
Project Manager in real life.

Previous Work:
This would be my first title, but I have a several game concepts for the future in stock.

Talent Required:
3D Artist (1)

  • As I am a beginner as well, I will have no problem with beginner Artists.
  • Should be a team player.

C++ Programmer (1)

  • Somebody with general c++ and UE experience would be helpful, but as I am a beginner as well, beginners will be okay for me.
  • I’m new to UE and code myself for about a year, So I will have questions and it would be cool if you can answer or discuss those with me.
  • Should be a team player.

I have no preference about the location as I am used to spread teams and managing those.
My concept is nearly fully finished but of course to be discussed.
Also I like to work with people on long term, so everybody is welcome to take part on the development of my other game concepts, or own concepts.


I’m looking forward to hear of you.