Bear Teacher

Hello everyone, I have decided to start this side kick project, first of all to return something valuable to the awesome community and then secondly with a very noble goal in mind, which is create my own games at some point in near future.

About myself:

I am bear with 11 years of experience doing enterprise products with real-time technology. My projects range from creating mobile games to real-time simulations to providing technical direction and tool development for soon to be published Netflix series. I am currently working as a tool developer.

What is all this about?

My goal is to create tutorials and plugins for the community, some of them for free, some of them paid, (I have a pack to maintain) but I do compromise myself to always have interesting stuff to share

With that said I will be listing here and inside my channelnew content when available. Feel free to give me feedback and also if you have a special request, a super hardcore plugin you have no clue how to do or you want to understand a bit more about a certain topic, you can contact me and request future releases!

here is my e-mail:

The bear technology

As you might guess, the bear teacher is powered by unreal engine tech

Here are some bloopers:

Here are some technical details:

The model was entirely designed, modeled and rigged inside Blender, then the facial mocap is archive using AR Face tracking with a variation of the plugin provided by Epic Games, for the package usability I had to create a custom plugin to create communication between the iPhone and win10.

Now the piatto forte!

Real life complex materials for UE
Let’s start with this tutorial, the goal of this tutorial is not showing you how to do cool material but rather to understand them!!

You can find more info in my channel and also you can learn how to create an animated fish


if you an interested, then consider to visit my gumroad account

Extra widgets for UE4

This a plugin that hold a personal collection of new widgets I wrote in c++ to be use inside UMG, I guess the most interesting one here is the capability to draw 3d stuff as widgets.


you can take a look to the promo video here:

Here is the link to the marketplace

Shader Reader

Here is a free plugin to write custom code in your favorite IDE and then see your changes automatically reflected in UE once you save your files.

Here is a demo video about how to use it:

and here is the link for the marketplacetoo

And for now that’s all folks, I will be thinking in what to create next, again if you have any advice or suggestion, it is more than welcome!!


Subscribed :slight_smile: This is great!