Beam particle Target x value in blueprint

I want to make BeamParticle target x value increase infinitely until the beam collide to object

Is there any example blueprint?

You should probably do that using line traces. Set Target Method to User Set, and use line traces to Set Beam Target Point.

If you want your beam to grow in real time, just change the length of the line trace. The first Set Beam Target Point will execute when the line trace hits anything, and the second when it doesn’t hit. So by increasing the length of the trace you’ll increase the length of your beam until it hits something.

I’m really sorry to say this, but can I get the project file by email?I’ve been holding it for two days, but it’s not going well.Please.-()

It’s a quite easy setup.

Just increase the Beam Length float in any way that is convenient to you and the beam will grow.

And sorry, but I won’t send you any project file. We’re here to learn and help others learn, not to have our work done for us.