Beam particle start and End - URGENT

Hi i have created a beam particle system and used in actor blueprint

In blueprint i am setting the source location and target location and the beam is working fine

Scenario : I am entering Point A location and Point B location so the light is appearing in between them and now if i add Point C. Another beam should appear from Point B to Point C in the same time Beam between Point A and Point B should remain same

How can i do this please tell me

Can you please expand it more i dont know how to do it

Yes it is Cascade and i am not sure how to work with particle system .Please correct me

I have a good solution to this, but I’ve got a meeting soon, so will come back a bit later…

Hey no problem i got the solution. Here is the Blueprint

You need to add a particle system for each join, are you doing that? ( I don’t see it )

Well, you spawning X cubes, right? When you spawn a cube, you also need to spawn the particle system to do with it in the next node :slight_smile:

( Is this Niagra or Cascade? )


Very nice Please share that project if possible

No problem. I I put in a trigger volume in the level:

Level BP:

The cube does all the work:


I’ve attached the code as a text file, little bit much to paste. Just make the cube BP, then open the text file with notepad ( or something ), copy / paste into the cube BP.

Tell me if you get stuck.[link text][4]

Hi I am facing issue after spawning new particle.You can observe that cut

Are all the boxes like that?

My favourite theory at the moment is that the cube is not at 0,0,0 in the blueprint:

I made the spawnning location 0,0,0.Though i am not able to acheive. That jitters and some times they are shaking

It’s not the spawning location, it the actual location of the cube in the cube BP.

I’m gonna make a small project for you to download. I’ve also optimized the algorithm, as I was fiddling with it a bit more…

Thank you so much. Now everything is working as expected. Can you please explain me these answers in the same way I will be very thankful for you if you explian me these

link text

link text

Would you like to mark the answer as correct, then I’ll take a look at these others :wink:

Hey Ofcourse I have to do it. i forgot to do

Hello! I’ve actually been having the same issue. I’ve been following the answers in this forum post, but am a bit lost. My steps take from another post where I found the blueprint setup. I’ll try to post within a few. What happens is when I activate the orb actor, the beam is spawned, and follows the orb actor, but the end of that beam keeps pointing to, or stays at the world origin center. so the orb actor will move around, the beam is

Here is a link to my video showing the result I got so far.

attached, but the target or where it should go remains stationary. Also, the links you provided are no longer available. I know it’s been a while, but if you could possibly repost, I’d greatly appreciate it!

I have an updated version of the concept so far :

So I’m not sure if this demonstration shows it, and if you are able to see it, but for clarity sake, the beam does connect with with correspondent orb of the matching color, but will jump to every other orb that does not have the matching color. it makes for a great light show, but I don’t think it makes sense.

So I went back over it, and now, it connects, but will not move.