Beam particle source point with delay, how do I fix it?

Hi Everyone,

I´m trying to set a source point for a particle emitter via blueprint.
We have a character with a bone socket in which we are assigning the start point of the particle system, the idea is to have the character send a hook from his hands to an enemy (that´s the target for the particle).

The problem is that whenever we move the character around, the source point moves and then has a delay on getting to the point here supposedly is spawning, so the question is: How can we make the startpoint update instantly?
Here is an image of the problem:

Image text Explanation:
A: the emitter should be attached to the hand at all times, but it´s spawing on a different location
B: if the player moves the emitter does not move with it instantly, it moves into position A with a delay of about 1 to 2 seconds (that would be C).

If we stop the player completely it works as intended, the problem only seems to occur when the player moves or rotates on any direction, but the emitter eventually catches up when standing.

Another thing to note is that if we change the particle system to a non beam particle type, it behaves as expected, the particle is always spawing at the hand socket and does not have movement delay, I´m attaching a screenshot of the particle setup.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!

having the same issue and would also like an answer

This fixed it for me.