Beam Emitter with nodes contained in one actor

Hey, I’m trying to build an actor that emits a beam between a number of predefined points.

I.e. I’d like to have, say four locations defined in the game world (let’s call them A, B, C and D).

I then want to create a beam particle that is drawn from A to B, B to C and C to D.

I want this to be drawn both in editor and in-game!

I was able to partially accomplish this via blueprints, by having a bunch of invisible meshes within my actor from which I got coordinates, and then spawned the beams…

I’d like to know if I can add three beam emitters to my actor and set their source and targets as a bunch of invisible child actors in the component list. I tried to do this, and it didn’t work. I was only able to select actors in my level.


Any ideas? My current implementation is to have a blueprint that contains two arrows. Upon being sent an activate signal through an event dispatcher, it spawns a particle effect and sets the source and target points from the locations of the two arrows…

I’d like, however, to have something that is visible in the editor to make it a bit easier to set up and visualise.

Is it even possible to draw a simple line between these points?

Anything to make it easier to visualise what I’m doing!