Beam Emitter facing Camera in Orthographic View

I have a beam emitter in my 2D game that keeps turning to face the camera(At least i suppose that is what its doing). This results in a different width of the beam dependent on where it is on the screen. I recreated this behavior in the Exampe Project Effect level by changing the camera mode of the Pawn to orthographic. The extent of the varying widht seems to depend on the distance between the camera and the beam, too.

Lock Axis does not seem to do anything (It is enabled in the screens below). Is this a bug? Or did I miss something obvious?

The problem still exists. Are there any solutions (besides not using beams at all)?

This issue still exists on 4.13.1. I have tried using all the different Screen Alignment settings but it does not fix it.

The screen alignment settings don’t really work for beams (especially once you set tangents). I personally think it’s a bug, but apparently it’s by design (or Epic Games doesn’t want to spend the resources to fix it since they’re coming up with a new particle systems editor Niagara). If you have access to the source code, you can modify it so it properly aligns with the camera. I had a similar question with beams here:

Look down in the comments and you can see where you need to edit the source code. I’m not sure if my solution will work for your issue with orthographic cameras, but it’s a start.