beacon mod issue not overridding beacons in test server

here is what ive done so far but the beacons in my test server still aren’t being overridden by mine:

opened up ark dev kit
created a new folder in the mod folder
“copied” over all lootitemsets i wanted changed and supplycrate files to my mod folder
copied over the primalgamedata from the genericmod folder
modified the lootitemsets with what i want in them
made the supplycrates point to using those lootitemset in the item set override, got rid of the other stuff so only this lootitemset is there
went into my primalgamedata file and point the remap supply crates to my files, filled in my mod name and desc
went into the world settings and set the primal game data override to my primalgamedata file
cooked the mod and then uploaded

i can drag a supplycrate from my folder into the live game thing in the ark dev kit and itll spawn the items i put in them, just not when its put on a test server. no other mods are on this test server.

did i miss something?

Lootitemsets also need to be overidden in remap supply crates or they will not load.

Oh ok, I didn’t know that thanks. I’ve created some lootsetitems of my own, do I need to do anything special with those since there isn’t anything to overwrite fit those ones?

I’m actually not 100% sure if you do need to remap them now that I think about it. It’s been awhile since I did my mods and lost all my projects due to a hard drive failure so I can’t look at them for reference. I didn’t really use the lootitemsets because from my experience they didn’t work well so I just edited the crate contents directly. I do remember adding some lootitemammosets to one of my last versions but not 100% sure how I got them to work. I made aguide a while back for modding the crates. Maybe that will help - HOW TO: Supply crate contents modification - ARK: Survival Evolved - Unreal Engine Forums

Your walkthrough was actually one of the things I used to teach me what I needed to do. But I am missing something apparently. I did however get rid of the lootitemsets all together just in case. Maybe it’s something other than the beacon part that isn’t referenced correctly.

I’m trying to do the same thing essentially, I think I have everything correct but when I cook the mod I get a ton of errors (well 0 errors, 9237 warnings), it’s looking for the default game files, like structures etc and says it can’t find them, what did I do wrong here?

I did some testing last night and you do have to remap the lootitemsets. Apparently the devkit does NOT cook them unless they are remapped even though they are referenced in the supply crate bp’s.
As for when you have more then 4 lootitemsets I just had an idea. I have not tested it yet but I’m 99.99% sure it will work.
Remap the 4 lootitemsets as normal and for your new ones, remap them to something else like one of the cave crate lootitemsets or a dinolootitemset and cook the mod. Once it’s cooked, close the devkit & find your mods folder in the “projects” section of the devkit. Copy all the cooked lootitemsets (which will be your modded ones) into a temp folder and then relaunch the devkit. Get rid of the remaps in your mods PGD (PrimalGameData_BP) and cook it again. Close the devkit, copy your lootitemsets back into your mod folder within the devkit, launch the devkit and upload your mod. As long as you have your lootitemsets properly referenced in the supply crate_bp, that should work.

Warnings are normal with any mod. As long as you are not getting any errors, you should be good to go.