Beach Props Pack 1

Beach Props Pack 1 - $14.99

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Beach Props Pack 1 consists of 35 unique high quality meshes of weather worn beach items. Suitable for general beach use and fishing village type scenes. All props contain custom made LODs where appropriate (these LODs are included within the package as meshes for your usage) and include collision meshes. The fishing line (fishing net) comes in both a static mesh and an animated skeleton with a default idle animation (light wind blowing). The large buoy has flashing light Blueprint and includes a buoy bell sound effect.

Technical Details

Physically Based Rendering: Yes
Number of Textures: 79 textures
Texture Sizes: 256x256, 512x512, 1024x1024, 2048x2048 & 4k
Collision: Yes, custom meshes
LODs: Yes, as appropriate (see below for breakdown)
Number of Meshes: 60 Static (including supplied LODs) and 1 Skeletal.
Number of Animations: 1
Number of Sound Effects: 1
Intended Platform: PC, XBOX, PS4
Platforms Tested: PC

LOD Polygon breakdown:
Beach Fencing – 2k Base, 400 LOD1 Polys
Beach Fencing 2 – 6k Base, 5.5k LOD1, 2.8k LOD2, 2k LOD3 Polys
Fish Crate (empty) – 940 Polys
Fish Crate (fish) – 1.4k Polys
Fish Lines (fishing net) – 3k Polys
Groyne Post – 36 Polys
Groyne planks – 50 to 130 Polys
Large Buoy – 1.8k Polys
Life Ring – 800 Base, 600 LOD1 Polys
Life Ring 2 – 1.1k Polys
Lobster Pot – 450 Polys
Log Step – 2.5k Base, 1.2k LOD1, 700 LOD2 Polys
Noticeboard/Life Ring Holder – 1k Polys
Pallet – 200 Polys
Pier 1 – 3k Base, 1.2k LOD1 Polys
Pier 2 – 3.8k Base, 1.6k LOD1 Polys
Pier 3 – 3.2k Base, 1.5k LOD1 Polys
Weathered Planks – 100 to 200 Polys
Weathered Plank Pile – 900 Polys
Small Buoy – 500 Polys
Wooden Crate Complete – 4k Base, 3.2k LOD1, 2.9k LOD2, 300 LOD3
Wooden Crate Broken – 3.3k Base, 3k LOD1, 2.5k LOD2, 400 LOD3
Wooden Crate Piece 1 – 480 Base, 460 LOD1, 360 LOD2, 100 LOD3 Polys
Wooden Crate Piece 2 – 860 Base, 740 LOD1, 670 LOD2, 160 LOD3 Polys



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Just a quick head’s up that we have updated the pack to 4.16.

To tie in with this it is currently on sale this week… 50% off, just $7.49