Beach House (ArchViz) WIP


I finally decided it was time to post some of my progress on this project.

Everything here is current work in progress, nothing is final.

This is a architectural visualisation project, meaning that this is NOT being created as a game ready environment, so I’m not too concerned about polycounts of models (the only models that are baked are the floors and walls), however I am optimizing my models to get the best look.

The project itself is a Modern Beach House.

I’ll keep this thread updated with progress as I get more rooms pushed through.
I welcome all critique, feedback and suggestions, I’ll being adding these to my list for the second pass.

And I ask that you please ignore the outside…It’s kind of placeholder level.

That’s enough rambling, time for some art.


Daniel, just one critic if you don’t mind. You need to work on the scaling in your scene. Almost every aspect seems out of scale to me. From the wooden floor texture to the bathroom counter…It will look much more realistic if you use real measurements for your assets!

Keep up the good work.

@Heartlessphill, thanks for the feedback, I know the proportions are wrong (going by all the feedback I’ve gotten from this scene), I’ve taken this project back the drawing board to get a better understanding with ArchViz, if you look at my portfolio you can see the first of a series of small projects for doing this.