Be the base of 'Cocos2d-x', is it possible?

We are maintaining our game engine forked from ‘Cocos2d-x’. Recently, official support is stopped, we want to change its base implementations to Unreal.

Does Unreal have pure APIs to build games without its editor? If we can’t build a game or a scene from scratch with pure APIs only, we can’t change ‘Cocos2d-x’ implementation to Unreal’s?

We know old version of Unreal Engine has a SDK named ‘UDK’, is it still there in Unreal Engine 4.x?

The the engine source code is available on GitHub, but you cannot make anything without the editor, as it is responsible for asset creation and so on.

Well, UDK is not exist anymore in Unreal 4.x?

UDK = A development kit for Unreal Engine 3.

The equivalent to that with Unreal Engine 4 is just Unreal Engine 4.
You can get it two versions:

  • Binary version, via the Epic Games Launcher.
  • Source version, via GitHub.

With either version you could create a plugin to support pretty much what ever you like.

Alright, thanks for your answer! I’m now clear. :slight_smile: