Be careful and try to avoid not sleeping and working with blueprints too much

Last night was 48 hours since i last slept. While trying to finally fall asleep i was in a state of half awake and half asleep.
For the life of me i couldn’t find the Add Cushion between knees node.

I saw all these different nodes as clear as day, drifting around me. And my knees were really uncomfortable. Instead of thinking i must in real life add a cushion between my knees… i kept scrolling through imaginary nodes. Looking for one that would make my knees more comfy.

I never found it. I wanted to submit the bug report but i was just too tired.


This is quite typical behaviour, nothing to be concerned about, usual side effect from lots of programming. :wink:

Yup, I also get this from skiiing. After a day on the slopes, I close my eyes and just see the snowy landscape whirl past me.

You have overloaded the synapses, and the potentials are firing at the slightest electrical push. :slight_smile:

hehe. good times.

This used to be called the “Tetris Effect”, but yes, at Epic gets it. Like seriously, here will tell you that they go to sleep and see nodes when they close their eyes. Sometimes we even have breakthroughs with development because of it (I once figured out how to make a negative light that generates darkness and lights up shadows in my sleep, totally worked in reality, I was astonished).

I hate that, i not dream good. I need take a break when i suffer that. Ride for hours my mtb, speed triple or go walk to the mountain with my dog for try disconnect.

I use to suffer from this when I cycled too long. I’d close my eyes and just see the road rushing past. :slight_smile:

I was working for some long hours straight, and after that I couldn’t sleep at all. Watched The Edge of Tomorrow and for after that, for hours I was pretty sure if I die I don’t die, so I was cool getting myself killed for the fun. Seriously. (If you know what I mean).

Master level unlocked

You know when you have it bad when…

You go home and try to rearrange the furniture, the wife and kids, and draw a comment box around them.

You try to cast to the fridge for a beer.

I hate it when the kids don’t align with the grid lines.

Same is for modelers. I count polygons and not sheeps when I try to sleep :stuck_out_tongue: I also dreamed that MayaLT 2016 was out last night.

As an environment/character artist I can say for the longest the first 3 were me, only recently have I begun to dream about development. =P

this combined with

for me personally