Be apart of the early phase of a company being made

My cousin and I, especially my cousin wants to make games he’s still in school and is going to college for game development. I want to try to make a simple fps game like cod and counter strike but better in ways but I need help because I suck and it’s only me. My cousin is “busy” I’m still self teaching but I would love help, the idea with my cousin was to also treat the early team of our projects when and if we get big “$$$” me and my cousin are into detail and have a lot of ideas and a grounded on reality but like I said we need help. please trust that this wont be a bust I already have plans and if I can get the help I need then in a month or more that first fps title will be out making money and yes we do have plans for other “titles” please consider the offer for more details contact me ill pay 5% royalty per calendar quarter regardless about how much is made and when enough money is paid i’ll pay full time and you’ll be considered an employee :slight_smile:

Methods of contact:
-the forum

well that’s it again please consider I wont waste anyones time

No offence, but you really need to work on your grammar. Any consideration for me to work with you went right out the window as soon as I spotted your grammatical error in the title.

in what sense?

Well, again no offence, but I like to work with smart people. Bad grammar does not scream “smart person”, it screams just the opposite. In case you are not sure what I am referring to: “apart” in the title should be “a part”, “Me and my cousin” should be “My cousin and I”, you do not use a single period to divide your paragraph into sentences, etc.

Now I’m no genius when it comes to grammar, but there is often a correlation between bad grammar and other bad areas of a person’s personality, in my experience anyways.

I was gonna say never mind because I don’t need help from people like you, no offense.

you need to show proof-of-concept if you’re going to recruit anyone here, i have very little to show but have already found 1 maybe 2 folks interested in my work… And i have over a decade and a half’s-worth of experience… Call me Old or Old-Fashioned but that’s the way we do things…

I just hoped people would have faith

People are willing to give the benefit of the doubt and take a leap of faith every now and again, but you need to consider your current position:

  • You’re still very young with no experience
  • You’re still learning the basics of game development
  • You have no company set up and no evidence that you know how to set one up, and the chances are that you’re too young anyway
  • You don’t have an idea for a game yet other than you want a multi-player FPS

Now bear in mind that this forum is full of unpaid, royalty and paid positions with experienced people who have existing projects with progress to show.

This isn’t intended to be a mean attempt at crushing your dreams, it’s some pointers to help you make your pitch attractive. My advice is:

  • Spend some time learning the engine, learning programming and art and how to design a game. There are loads of books available on all of the above

  • Make some small projects with just you and your cousin. Get to understand all the work and skills required to turn an idea into a finished product

  • Work out what kind of game you want your company to make

You’re still young and have loads of time, just be patient, take the time to do the above and you will get there :slight_smile:

Good luck!

thank you I am attempting these things I am self teaching I do have knowledge to found a company and my cousin and I have gone over many ideas for game already we have a few in mind but are open to other projects but thank you very much for the advice but the truth is I don’t have much time I have a lot of stuff going on and I just wanted help and I didn’t wanna put my whole life’s plan in a forum that’s all, but thank you for showing me the reasons people don’t wanna be apart of this yet but I will be back with something to show for it as much as I can anyway :slight_smile:

COD and counterstrike are not really easy games to start with.
Catch the clown is one.
Grab the FPS template and add stuff, like you want and stay to that template, expand it with/through tutorials.
If you really think about doing multiplayer for the single man show, better rethink.
PS: I am a grammar chaot king of the hill

“-It’s like (insert game name), but better…”
That is the most common and most flawed way of starting a game project. Just no-no…

You should really edit and rewrite that first post, it’s very hard to read because you used no punctuation at all, not even a full stop / period.

I was rushing and doing other stuff

I get it I’ve revised my post and others I’ll be back in a few months with something to show for wish me luck

I can’t even tell what you do as a developer, it sounds like you’ll have to rely on everyone else to figure out things for you. There are too many “ideas” and that makes them cheap. You aren’t worth investing time in if you don’t come in with a proper presentation with an initial game plan that is do-able with an indie team.

How you are able to lead the art direction, programming, or modeling with so little experience with probably even working with teams? Saying you want to out do another game already out and that has been worked on by experienced people is over ambitious and just you “dreaming.” Its not a reality you can just throw together in a year or two, for a small team we’re talking three to four years and with guaranteed success of 10,000 a year. A decent salary is around 30,000 for a single living person.

As for a studio would you be willing to pay the amount of money you need to copyright the studio name and games, or even hire the web developers for a site which won’t be cheap. The networking host, etc none of this is cheap and possible in a years time for an indie team. It will crash and burn and this is from working with people like you first hand who come unprepared about indie expectations and capability limits.

ok so before anybody posts can you wait till I have my thing ready and btw I don’t want to post my premade plans already on a forum I’m noy gonna draw everyone a diagram when they don’t even wanna join help or whatever k:)

Should I just delete this post and re-post when I have everything together?

Just leave it and when you’re ready, start a new topic, but position it as being for a particular project rather than a position at a new company.

Some more advice:

  1. Be detailed in your description of the game. You don’t need to post a complete game design document or a 20-page detailed story, but you need to give people a good synopsis of what the game is and how it will play and why people should be excited about it. The reason for this is that you’re competing with a lot of other teams posting on these forums and you need something to make your project jump out and entice people to get in touch.

  2. Be clear about what you and your cousin will be doing. Will you be programming, modelling, level design and so on. For an unpaid project you will almost certainly need to be hands-on with development because you’re going to find it hard to recruit people who are dedicated to the project, so you will need to fill in the gaps yourself, and also because people joining you will expect you to be doing stuff as well. Also expect a high turnover of staff as people join and leave due to real life stuff, so make sure you have the skills to cover for them and the project doesn’t grind to a halt.

  3. Have something to show. Concept art or, better yet, some early footage of your game in action. This kind of ties in with my point above that people will expect you to be hands-on, and they will also want some reassurance that this project is going somewhere and that the people designing it know what they’re doing. You want to avoid a situation where someone joins the team and then has to sit around waiting for someone else to join because they need X to be done before they can start. If you can have concept art and your art direction ready, for example, it means that your artists can get started and don’t have to wait for someone else to do it.

  4. Don’t rush things. You said above that your original post was written in a rush while you were doing something else. If game design is your dream, you shouldn’t be treating it like a side-thought, as it will ultimately undermine you. It makes it look like this isn’t a priority for you, and people won’t take you seriously. You see this kind of thing on Steam Greenlight all the time where people put together such shoddy trailers that you have to question whether they actually care about their own project. Why should I spend hours working on a project if the project lead can’t be bothered to spend more than 10 minutes working on a write-up and advertisement for the game?

Again, good luck.

Thank you very much your advice advice means the most to me

I’m telling you facts regardless of whatever your plans are, you have to expect this to be done and if you can’t legally do most of the things on your own there’s going to be road blocks here and there. I’m also trying to tell you that anything with Call of Duty quality gameplay and mechanics is at least 2-4 years or more for an indie team and it’s very unrealistic. You should as a developer start with smaller more manageable goals that could even start with mobile or PC alone.