BCI-UE4-Plugin - Brain-Computer-Interface for Unreal Engine 4

@ChromaStudios this is very recent. Code knowledge should be not required. But keep in mind that we do not officially support the Muse due to their policies

OK awesome! Hopefully i’ll be able to delve into it this weekend to see how involved it is or if I need to spend a little more time on the basics in Unreal too. Thanks again!

I recently bought the BCI UE4 plugin and I’m having problems connecting it to openvibe.

This is what I’m doing:
in open vibe I run this scenario

in unreal i changed the pawn from the example file to read openvibe

When I play the level nothing is printing as if no data are received.
Any idea about what I’m doing wrong? :slight_smile:

Hello @AresFF

what version of openvibe are you using? We were in contact with the developers to make OV2 and OV3 compatible, which is done by now, but not yet included in the current build. You can either use OV1 until then or drop us an email (bottom of the forum post), then we can send you an updated version manually.



Will do, thanks!

I have just read all the forums because I want to use your plugin and it looks super awesome. Can’t wait to start prototyping, so far I decided to use Muse, but if there are better hardware (the price doesn’t matter) please write me!

It would be great to get native support for Neurosity Crown, that looks like a ■■■■ cool device, developer-friendly with a proper SDK!

Hello, I have just bought this plugin which seems interesting however I do not understand how to make it work properly. Is there some documentation or easy tutorial that I can follow? I checked the example level but for someone who has only ever worked with BCIs and not UE it is a bit difficult to understand how to move. Is anybody willing to share some working prototype done with Openvibe?

What EEG headset are you using?