BC6H and BC7 texture compression support?

I might be wrong but this is a DX 11 feature but it isn’t supported in Unreal Engine - is it on the to do list?

Hey SonKim -

As of the 4.7 both the BC6H format is available as a Compression Setting (Called TC HDR Compressed) and the BC7 format is also available.

Thank You

Thank You Eric, this is excellent news! I’ll subscribe again once 4.7 is release. MikkTSpace is also another feature in 4.7.

What happens if we use this on DX9-only machine?

It won’t work, UE4 requires a minimum of DX10.

So what about a DX10 machine? Or whatever may not support BC7.

Hi Eric,

If the above is true, shouldn’t I be able to load a precompressed BC7 texture or any BCx texture for that matter?
Currently getting this error: Failed to import ‘file_DM.dds’. Failed to create asset ‘/Game/flyingVehicle_01/file_DM’.
I should add that the header specifies the format DXGI_FORMAT_BC7_UNORM_SRGB.

Thank you.

You cannot import DDS files unless it is a cubemap, the compression settings are for post import of other image types.