Bavarian Scout Ranger - action jrpg


This was going to be a short project but as usual it takes longer than expected. I’m just an office worker doing this in my free time. I modelled the majority of the models, but of course contracted help here and there, especially with physics and animations.

I’m trying to make it like Earth Defense Force, but with JRPG elements.

‘Bavarian Scout Ranger’

I’m not sure how the title related to the content?

It comes from

but I’m a huge German-phile

Hi boogerton, I’m a huge fan of Earth Defense Force. In fact, its one of the inspirations in my FPSARPGRDC. What Action Gamer can resist a Shooter with Horde of Creatures and Giant Monsters? Hordes and dismemberment will be even easier to achieve in UE4 with the new Pawn Movement and Procedural Mesh features.

The ‘oddly’ interesting title, Anime character design (+ Shading) are reminiscent of several Anime/Manga Series. An excerpt of background story content improve understanding of the game content/title relationship, but, I like the mystery.

As an JRPG, I would anticipate a significant amount of story. The video did not reveal how you’ll present dialog, but I can easily visualize the approach used in Visual Novel Template. Visual Novel Presentation + Action JRPG Game Elements = a new sub-genre of JRPG: Interactive Action Manga?

I’m also a huge fan of JRPGs (ie: Final Fantasy), Anime and Manga, they are my inspirations behind EyeManga3D. BSR is looking really cool, so I would encourage you to continue to develop and expand on it, incorporating your other game ideas into it.

Many thanks TechLord!

I’m going back to the height of the PS2 era, so cutscenes will be gesturing 3D models overlayed with 2D portraits with textboxes. Its going to be fully voiced although I’m still waiting for lines from the voice actors.

Now dismemberment is a great idea, I haven’t yet implemented boss monsters but will do that.

More videos of the game in current state. Bugs are visible waaaah.