BattlEye install prompt when Total Conversion selected

I’m trying to update my total conversion and have compiled an updated version. After selecting the total conversion in the main menu and restarting I get this bug:
About 10 seconds after launching the game the game minimizes and I get a pop-up prompt to install BattlEye (regardless if it is installed). Checking the box “do not ask again” on the install prompt does not help. Selecting the “Play ARK: No BattlEye anti cheat” launch option doesn’t help either.
All I can do is launch with “reset active total conversion” to deselect it and prevent the prompt.

I’ve seen unresolved issues of the BattlEye prompt in the Steam forums, but none related to total conversions. I’m not sure if there is an issue with a change I made in the total conversion or if this happens with all total conversion mods right now (I couldn’t find an updated one to test).

it passed a long time, but now i have the same problem.
Did u managed to fix it?
Kind regards.

The same thing is happening to me has some one found a fix yet