BattleGate-team looking to expand!

Hi there!

BattleGate is a Tug of War game developed by one of my best friends and myself. Although we have a background in coding and design, we never worked with UE4 before. As a hobby on the side it took serious form and now a few years in the game development it is beginning to get interesting. We plan now to see it through to the end. For some visuals and a glimpse see the links below.

STEAM: BattleGate on Steam
DISCORD: BattleGate

Looking for:

Recently, we had an audio engineer join our team. To make a big (faster to market and nicer looking game) we are looking for someone to make the visual weapon and ability effects. Although we have made many, they are often not the final visuals we want to show. Secondly but nice to have (as we are doing this ourselves already) someone with affinity to create game & faction logo’s, menu visuals and other alike. We want to keep it simple but with a small team, our efforts are easy occupied with other matters.

What do we offer:

We allow a person joining our team to have freedom of design and put their stamp and feel on the game. That said, we have a large moodboard, full tests maps, databases and more for you to start with. We work continously on the game but in our own pace nex to our full-time jobs (my friend being a very skilled programmer and me being the MD of a company). That means no pressure on planning but spend the hours when and how many you see fit. Initial work is unpaid and we really want you to do it as you want to make a difference and put your mark on our game, it should be fun above all. Subject to success after release, we may share kickbacks with anyone who participated in the development in relation to the content that person contributed.

Reply to this thread or seek us out on our discord server to learn more!