Battle Scene

I am realy new to this and since I had no idea where to put it i guess it would best fit in here.
I wanted to know whether its possible to have a Top Down View map but as soon as the player gets into contact with an enemy to have a Battle Scene appear, you might know this from the Pokemon Games or Fire Emblem games.
In the Battle screen only animations for Abilities are allowed to work which means that the player cant just walk around in it and only, based on turns, be able to press ability buttons.
I was wondering whether this was possible, then again it probably is but how difficult would this be ?

Sorry about my grammar Im from Germany.

Thanks in advance :smiley:


It is possible of course :stuck_out_tongue: the difficulty is something relative so… it depends.

You can have the enemies do traces (aka raycast) in front of them and once they hit the player you can move (or switch) the camera, play battle animations etc.

Not sure what else is there to say :stuck_out_tongue: if you have any specific questions let us know.

Yes, like TK said, just do a line trace, or you could subtract player 1’s location from player 2, and if vector length is inbetween 200 & -200 or something, then enter the mode, disable movement, and pop up different inputs. You’re grammar is fine btw.

Thanks for the fast replies,
That would be one way of doing it but I meant something more in the ways of Pokemon or Fire Emblem Battle scenes where the field changes from a top down into more of a Side Scroller esque thing in a totaly different field.
Like for example when a player on the main map gets seen by an enemy the enemy and the player get sorta teleported to a place where you can see them fight and use abilities.
Dont quite know how to explain this, I guess the best way to imagine what I mean is by knowing how pokemon/fire emblem battles look like in game.

These images might help.

Yeah it’s pretty simple to do. You could load up a different scene or just change to a different camera and spawn the correct UMG elements and enemies in there which is in a spot outside of the main map areas.