Battle Royale Game Mode For Dedicated Servers

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Easily import this GAME MODE and character component to your game to have a Battle Royale Game Mode.

Send your players to the dedicated server with the Battle Royale Game Mode loaded and the addon will handle the rest based on your settings in the 1 UStructure included.

Integrate with your existing game already or use this as a starting point.

This add-on includes everything needed to start a Battle Royale Game Mode and Level.

Easily integrate with your existing Character/Game.


  • Battle Royale System from start to finish
  • Player Loading/Starting based on “OnPlayerLogon” event.
  • Integrates with your existing matchmaking system
  • Air Control (Skydiving) / Auto Parachute Deployment (easily configurable)
  • **Circle Closing, Damage Dealt Outside Circle **
  • Character Status Component System Included (easily replace with yours)
  • Win & Loss Screen On Death
  • Auto Start Timer or Max Players Connected
  • Settings and Configs ready to be set to match your custom level
  • Built for Dedicated Servers

Number of Blueprints:

  • 2 Components
  • 3 Actors
  • 1 Game Mode
  • 1 Level
  • 1 Structure (holds default values)
  • 1 Demo Character
  • 4 Widgets
  • 1 Damage Type

Network Replicated:

Dedicated Server Only

This system is created from scratch and meant to be sold as a stand alone game mode that can easily integrate into an existing system with minimal integration time.

10 hours of streaming we recorded randomly while making this plugin.

As well you can subscribe to our twitch channel to see what else we are up to.

We also provide a discord channel linked at the top for direct support.


There are no guns, inventory, or stock AAA models.

This is a GAME MODE, not a game, designed to be easily integrated into existing dedicated server games or used as a starting base for your “Battle Royale Game Mode” that can save you time.

This Add-on is currently on Sale on the Unreal Engine Marketplace for the Spring Sale.

Does it have its own start menu and open new sessions when one is full and what do you mean by 1 UStructure included

This is a game mode only. There is no match making or session manager past the game mode manager which handles players based on the onplayerlogin event in the game mode.

This allows for your match making solution to handle this game mode with very little integration.

You can define in the game mode settings how many players till the game starts or a time duration until the game starts.

Simply make your matchmaking system send all the players to the server once a match has been created and the game mode should handle the rest from there.

Coop and group integration will be coming soon but you will still need to wrap your custom match making sessions around it some how.

Like someone commented on Reddit. Would be nice if you implement these basic core : -
1.) Map LevelStreaming while at Start Menu screen
2.) character skin and weapon skin select option at Start Menu screen
3.) the spawn loot/mesh with some RNG on loot chest, let user define their items in this spawn tool.

  1. This is a game mode, it has nothing to do with the start menu
  2. Again, this is a different system than the game mode
  3. This is an item spawn system. This game mode has no inventory system.

These are all features that are specific to your type of game. For instance the game this game mode will be used for on by our studio will not include a skin/weapon load out in the start menu and will be custom to our game.

Please note: This is a game mode, all the things you suggested are systems outside this game mode and dependent on your specific game.

4.19 Is out

This addon is currently on sale for the spring sale! 50% off.

Our studio took a summer break but 4.20 is out now.

What happened with this?