Battle Royal Zone shrink fps drop

Hi, everyone.

I created zone circle for battle already placed in map at zero. Calculating random location and next zone size on server and after some delay starts zone shrinking with lerp and timeline running on server. All zone code is running on server so that zone remains same for all clients and also i think zone can control total game play time.

I get decent around 60 fps until zone starts shrinking. As shrinking starts on timeline fps drops to 8-12 fps. and when timeline finished, back to 60 fps.
I also tried with tick using “Tinterp” but same result.

How do i keep my fps steady ?
And also i got term “rubber band effect” on other’s question. is it rubber effect ?


So i tried bit different.
i made zone blueprint to non replicated to simulate shrinking on local and made another replicated blueprint actor to calculate next zone size and all. But even if shrinking is happening locally still fps drops when ever timeline starts.
I think timeline is issue here, firing continually, lerp between two values. Is there solution for that ?

Or My map size is 8x8 km and i am starting circle with diameter of 8 km. is it happening because zone circle is too large to handle?

Ohk so i did cpu profiling and found problem.

On shrinking, circle mesh keep updating overlap event on every tick. and i need that overlap event to detect if player is out of zone or not. In collusion setting everything is ignored except pawn and collusion is set query only.

So anyone have idea how can i keep my performance good while zone shrinking with collusion ?

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I ended up using check that player is inside zone or outside on event timer by basic mathusing player location and zone center location and zone radius.