Batman: Arkham Origins is Powered by a Modified Unreal Engine 3

It says they modified the engine.I was just wondering what actually do they modify like specifically graphics,classes,AI etc?
Any ideas? What you guys think?
Batman: Arkham Origins is Powered by a Modified Unreal Engine 3

I don’t think anyone can answer that. It could be anything…

:smiley: I guess you would need to ask that question to the Batman Developers.

This “modified” could be anything. As soon as they extended or changed a base class, it is modified.
That can be anything, like you already said (graphics, ai, etc.). They could also used plugins to modify
and add something to the Engine.

The better question would be: What do you want to recreate from the Batman game? Because it seems to be
important for you to know what they have changed and if you need to do the same thing for your project.

Rocksteady have been vocal in the press about making alot of modifications to the UE3 engine over their work on the Arkham series, without specifying exactly what they’ve changed, removed and added. Vanilla UE3 wasn’t exactly open-world friendly. Considering how much of Arkham City was re-used in Origins it’s possible that the Warner Montreal team behind Origins were using Rocksteady’s UE3 engine for that.

The more interesting question would be what have Rocksteady done to UE3 in order to get Arkham Knight running on next-gen consoles and looking as good as it does :wink:

And when you read interviews with other Devs who used UE3, they’re usually quite upfront about making quite a few changes to suit their needs.

Developers of bioshock infinite also modified core ue3 engine.

And alot of other devs too. It was always a shame that there wasn’t any incentive for developers to contribute their work towards UE3. I’m glad Epic have a much more open approach to UE4’s development.

Batman made the move from Rocksteady to Warner Bros. Montreal, everything that made him a reality on computer game consoles did also. One of the greater a bit of that was Unreal Engine 3, the engine that controlled both Batman: Arkham Asylum and also Batman: Arkham City.

Most large scale / AAA games modify the engine to suit their needs, the developers just aren’t vocal about it.

Yup, a few examples I know if:

  • Original Bioshock had a heavily modified UE2, other Bioshock titles had a modified UE3 to add dynamic GI.
  • Gears UE brought some UE4 features into a heavily modified UE3.
  • Vanishing of Ethan Carter brought back the old Lighting Channels from UE3 into UE4. (Wish they’d bloody pull request it!)

It’s not just for their needs, but that UE3 was severally lacking in a few areas, with performance due to a lack of multi-threading standing out. Two projects I worked on could handle double the amount of objects onscreen vs, 4-5 times as many characters and stream in multiple levels at once whilst all hitting 30fps on console vs vanilla UE3.

It’s a shame that there’s not an incentive system from Epic to encourage people to pass their changes on, i.e. getting Marketplace credit or reduction in license fees should they choose to incorporate one of your fixes or features. Community fixes are great, but it became a terrible joke when full size devs were each working on the same optimisations and features as each other because they had no incentives to share that work with each other.

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UDK is an example of modified UE3, In fact many years ago, some guy was giving out some source file folders as a UDK mod. Turns out putting the contents of each folder UDKGame, Binaries, Development, ETC and replacing some files and adding some too, Would actually turn UDK into UE3, Of course later the same guy released a modification for UE3, To add all the features of UE4 to UE3 (Before it came out).

Epic Games Banned him 1 year ago :P. UDK was like 2K for a licence and UE3 was even more.

PS: I got the source files :slight_smile:

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Any ideas what they modified in the engine? graphics? Al? <a href=“”>embroidery digitizing</a> ?

only batman developers can help you with the exact solution. Thanks

Batman: Arkham Origins is a 2013 activity experience computer game created by WB Games Montréal and distributed by Warner Bros. Intelligent Entertainment for Microsoft Windows and the PlayStation 3, Wii U and Xbox 360 computer game consoles. In view of the DC Comics superhuman Batman and The King Of Rock Jacket, it is the successor to the 2011 computer game Batman: Arkham City and is the third principle portion in the Batman: Arkham arrangement. It was discharged worldwide on October 25.