Batman: Arkham Knight VR mod possible?

Hi all. This is less an idea, more a question if an idea is even possible. I got Batman: Arkham VR on PS4 for Christmas, and it inspired me. I’m wondering if it would be possible to make a VR mod for Arkham Knight on PC? There’s already a pretty good first person mod for it, and I’m wondering if it could be used as a base to get it working in VR. Also, I realized that most of the gadgets in the game are either fired (similarly to the scanner and grapple gun in Batman VR) or thrown (like the batarangs), so it might be cool to do something with the newly released motion controls for the Oculus Rift (I think it’s the Rift, might be the Vive) that approximates the controls for Batman VR on PS4. But again, I realize I might be way off base here in terms of the plausibility of such a thing.

I wanna emphasize that I’m just looking for information here. It’s just a concept. I just wanna know if it’s possible. I posted this to ModDB and got no replies, so I’m trying my luck here. Thanks in advance!


Hi, Nicodemus07! It really just depends on how much of the game can be exposed to modders. Usually, from what I’ve seen out there, people or companies use a method of Direct X or OpenGL injecting in order to accomplish something like this. Take VorpX for example (if you don’t know what it is, look it up on Google. It may be the sole solution to your problem if they have support for Arkham Knight), it injects the Direct X DLLs, and uses the injected code to add VR support to games like Skyrim, Half Life 2 and Gmod (which is not the best for VR). Its website is here:

As for modding support of VR into the game directly, it really depends on how open the game is in terms of code and resources. I wouldn’t know since I haven’t played the game, but I have modded and tinkered with the likes of Gmod, Skyrim, Minecraft, and ARK.

Hope this helps!
There’s also this for those looking for a free (but less user-friendly) alternative:
Also, there appears to be no built in support for this game in either of the listed applications. But who am I to say that the VorpX or Vireio community hasn’t whipped up something for this game.