Bathroom Pack Series 1 (Props)

Update: We’ve updated this content pack adding a ton of new assets including Urinals, Restroom Partitions, Bathroom Racks, Lamps, Mats, and Towels. Check out the screen captures of scenes we built using assets included in this content pack]( The tiles shown in each scene are included, but the rooms (walls and ceilings) are not.

This content pack]( contains a high-quality toilet, sink, tub, urinal, racks, towels, and a bevy of sundry props needed to set-dress any virtual architecture or game environment that contains a bathroom space.

Overall, 84+ props and asset configurations: Toilet, tub, urinal, towels, partitions, and sink each have 6 material variations per asset. 6 Ground/Wall Tile variations are also included.

These assets are high quality and built with maximum interaction and compatibility with FPS and VR. LOD’s are included to maximize performance and resource management.

All models and their respective LOD’s have lightmap UV’s for baking Lightmass.

If you like this content pack, please visit its page](

More updates on the way.

Super clean and neat…someone will miss the carpets ! GG :wink:

Haha, thanks! Carpets and towels are built and waiting to go in via an update (we’re waiting on a service ticket to update), and they absolutely have “aged” variants. We haven’t committed to creating a flat-out “soiled” sub-variant for our materials yet, but we might now. Until then, if someone makes a VR experience using these and it’s all about keeping the carpets clean (or the opposite), please post!

Are the curtains able to simulate physics (cloth)?

Curtains are currently static mesh only, but we have provided a bunch of varieties for static states (IE Open, Closed, Partially Open). We just submitted an update request to add more content, and we plan to tackle animations and basic simulations in a future update. We still have to do our research, but we are pretty certain we can tackle cloth simulations for respective assets.

We have updated Bathroom Pack Series 1, and we wanted to share some screen caps featuring our work in UE4 scenes:

Sample Scene.

Sample Scene.

If you like what you see, please check out Bathroom Pack Series 1. More updates to come.

In modern design of the bathrooms the bath towels are roll and placed near sink. Do you think is it good or the traditional placement on a rod is nice???

Traditional placement on a sink is totally fine if the sink is housed in wooden cabinetry. The sink included in this package is intended to work with as many spaces as possible, and we assumed cabinetry might not be ready or available. Which is why the rollers/rods are designed to go on walls.

Compatibility update for 4.15 is live. Thank you again for your patience!

Compatibility update for 4.16 is live. Thank you!

Heads Up: Bathroom Pack Series 1 is on sale for $24.99 (regular price $29.99) as part of the Summer Sale (Ends 08/01)!

We are making improvements and adding content/features while also submitting a Kitchen prop pack so please leave a rating and/or comment if you think it will help the Content Pack!

Compatibility update for 4.17.0 is live. For anyone who is still working in 4.16.2 & 4.16.3, the package has been tested in both versions and works.

Currently, we are submitting an update that will re-organize this package to accommodate (1) additional content at no cost and (2) other Content Packs in the works (IE Kitchen Pack Series 1). This update should allow us to feed more update and content while maintaining initial separation from your Project structure and files. We will post a changelist before the update takes place.