Bathroom of Hexagons

My new archviz movie:

Looks great! Your materials and reflections are fantastic.

This is a really small thing, but I believe a bathroom like this would have a baseboard or rounded edges at the bottoms of the walls to prevent moisture build-up and deterioration. Also, this bathroom would get really steamy without a fan :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! I have managed reflections (reflection plane for mirrors) and bad refractions after release of this movie. So next movie should be better.
BTW: We do not use baseboard when we use ceramic tiles on walls. In many cases we build in Poland heated floor and ceramic tiles between walls and floor are sealed by special silicon to give them some demanded motion space.

I did notice an issue with refraction in the very beginning of the video, but I didn’t notice it elsewhere.

Good to know regarding baseboards on ceramic. Learning something new everyday :slight_smile: