Batch Rendering - Delay Before Shot Warm Up

Hi guys,

in my current scene I am using the landscape grass types for scattering grass in my world.
Whenever I try to render this whole thing, obviously the grass needs some warm up time to recompute the grass maps.

To overcome this, I am using the warm up options of the movie settings and this works pretty well.
I have a lot of camera switches in my sequence, so the ‘Delay Before Shot Warm Up’ is the way to go. This works for one or two clips, but I have around ~60 sequences to render.

In order to solve this, I wrote a batch script and everything is rendering correctly - expect the grass. In the documentation of the batch rendering the “Delay Before Shot Warm Up” isn’t listed and now I have the problem to find this parameter. There are warm up parameters listed, but not the one I need :smiley:

Hopefully you can help me!

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You should be able to add -MovieDelayBeforeShotWarmUp in the command line. The documentation just hasn’t been updated yet.

Hey, maybe this works.

  • Make a Master Sequence and add all the other sequences that you have.
  • Then click to render the master, it will pop up the “Render Movie Settings” window.
  • Under the “Animation” section, add 3.0s to the “Delay Before Shot Warm Up”.

Hope this helps,
Have a nice day