Batch renaming or re-routing of animation curves within blueprint (vs. renaming in source)

I’m on a project using Rokoko mocap in unreal applied to characters created in Character Creator 3. Rokoko’s face cap requires that the animation curves/morph targets are named in a specific way. It’s easy enough to change those curve names on each character in CC3, but what would be even easier is if I were able to set something up in UE (presumably in a blueprint?) that takes as an input the curves from the facecap and outputs those curves with changed names, that way I would only have to set this up once versus every time a new character is created. Is there a practical way of doing this–a dynamic curve-renamer?

A year or so ago I created a facial remapper so I could use unreal face capture with CC3 characters. Maybe that’s something you could look at how that was set up. (I know you’re doing body remap, not facial)

I haven’t kept up lately but thought that CC3 and iClone had been updated to provide better/more support within Unreal.

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone hadn’t already done this so try searching.

Use anim modifier class for it. You can save old curves keys, remove old curves, and add curves with new names with saved keys. It can work for individual animations, but not for whole skeleton

Performance is a thing.
Extra operations are not something you want. Almost never. Especially when you can easily prevent it…

Actual, we ARE doing face cap. I’ll give it a look!

Agreed. Since this is to bash out cinematics that will be rendered using sequencer/movie queue/deferred rendering, we can afford ourselves some inefficiencies that games-creators must avoid at all costs!